Parent Orientation for Preprimary – AY 2018-19

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27 Mar 2018

Dear Parents,

As we commence the academic year 2018-19, we would like to invite you for an Orientation Programme to share ideas that will help us provide a great educational experience to our students. This forum is meant to greet and meet each other and share the roadmap ahead.

Alongside, we will be sharing details related to:

  • the curriculum

  • changes in the academic approach

  • day to day functioning of the  school

  • an introduction to the Jolly Phonics reading and writing programme

We look forward to welcoming you all to school. We urge you to be present for the orientation so that we can work together in the best interests of the child:

Date- 7th April, 2018

Time- 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Kindly note that the orientation will start at the scheduled time, hence you are requested to be punctual. Do carry your Parent ID cards to gain access into the school premises.

Looking forward to meeting everyone,

Our Best,

Authorised Personnel


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