What Your Child will Learn in June 2015

Jr. Kg.

Dear Parents,

We invite you to take a peek into the educational world of your child. For holistic development of the child, it is essential that school and parents continuously support and work together to strengthen the child’s learning process.

When parents are aware of what the children are learning, they can help in developing their children’s learning by positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Every month we shall offer a new theme that introduces your child to various aspects of one’s environment. The language, math, art and craft curriculum will teach various concepts each month. iPod applications and audio visuals will strengthen the learning of each concept.

Theme for the month: All about me and myself

Young children are focused on their own wants and needs, but as they grow older they become developmentally ready to form relationships outside their families and explore the world around them. Social studies for young ones begin with the child and gradually expand with their awareness of the world around them and their place in it, to include the immediate family, extended family, neighbourhood, and community. Thus, through this theme your child will learn about knowing oneself, one’s family, home, class, school, one’s body, personal hygiene and ones favourite things.

As parents, you can help your child gain important insights about himself/herself and the world he/she lives in by trying a few of these fun social studies activities such as:

Encourage your child to draw a self-portrait and discuss one’s bodily features.


Your child will learn the letter ‘Ss’ with its phonic sound. The child will also learn rhymes, stories, show and tell, picture talk, book browsing, newspaper reading along with activities and pre-writing worksheets.

Do reinforce the use of the golden words – please, thank you and sorry.

By reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning.


The child will be introduced to numerals, concepts of colour and size.

Kindly note the following schedule for the month of June 2015.

Date Activity/ Event Particulars

Make Music Day

Students to bring a well labelled musical instrument for the Show and Tell activity.
23/6/15 Yellow Day Students to wear yellow coloured clothes and bring a well labelled yellow coloured object for the Show and Tell activity.
26/6/15 My Favourite Food Day Students to bring their favourite food item in a well labelled tiffin box.
30/6/15 Family Day Students to be dressed up as any of their family member and bring one 4” x 6” family photograph along with 3 passport sized photographs of the child.

A hard copy of the Rhymes for the month will be given to your child in class.

Looking forward to an exciting month of discovery and learning.

Our Best,

Authorised Personnel