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9 Jan 2017

Jr. Kg – January 2017

Theme for the month: The Sky above us and beyond

Young children are fascinated and curious about the wonders of the universe. At this age, the sky is a magical place full of twinkling stars that children dream of visiting. Since children soak up information like sponges, this is the right age to introduce the sky and space to them.

This theme will help your child to explore basic facts about the sun, moon, stars and also about different planets that exist apart from planet earth. He/She will also become aware of the different species of birds and explore the concepts – shadows and reflection.

Effective usage of Audio Visual Learning, hands on experiences, technology and Role plays will be the methodology used.


Your child will learn letters ‘Yy’, ‘Xx’ and ‘Qq’ with their phonic sounds, how to blend and read 3 letter words and learn tricky words: of, buy, so, have. Along with these, various activities like rhymes and stories, show and tell, picture talk, book browsing and newspaper reading will be done on regular basis.

Do reinforce the use of tricky words: you, your, all


There will be a progression in numerals, concepts of colours and shapes.

Dates to Remember:

Date Events/Activity Particulars
12.1.17 Black and white day Students to wear Black and White coloured clothes and carry a well labeled black and white object for show and tell activity.
17.1.17 Field trip to the zoo Detailed circular to follow.
19.1.17 Soup day Class activity
23.1.17 Handwriting day Class activity
25.1.17 Republic day Students are required to dress up as and speak 4-5 sentences on a famous Indian personality (e.g. sports person, leader, singer, dancer etc.)
31.1.17 Rehearsal for sports day Detailed circular to follow.

A hard copy of the Rhymes for the month will be given to your child in class.

At Home You Can:

Explore books related to the theme. By reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning.Do make your child share his/ her reflections of the stories read. This will develop thinking, reasoning as well as aid in confidence building. Please encourage your child for every effort made – he/she will do better in a motivating and positive environment.

 Enhance their learning experience by taking them for a nature walk. A visit to a planetarium or bird sanctuary is also recommended. You can also do activities like Star gazing and make a bird feeder to attract the birds.

Web resource links that can help you in your venture include:

How do the birds fly?

Which Bird is it?

Days and Nights

Looking forward to an eventful month of learning and celebrations

Our Best,

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