Republic Day Celebration

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24 Jan 2017

Dear Parents,

India’s declaration to be a Republic and a Secular state on 26th January, has been a day to remember and commemorate because these are the qualities that make India special and we Indians proud.

Republic Day will be celebrated in school on 26th January, 2017.  Students from Grades V to IX must report to school dressed neatly in their school uniforms.

To make the celebrations extra special, a Cooking Competition (Without Fire) will be held on this day for the students of Grades V and VI. The theme for the competition is Tri-coloured food. Students should carry all the ingredients they need with them. They will have 45 minutes to create something spectacular and delicious.The criteria for judgement will be presentation, creativity and of course,taste!
The students of Grades VII – IX will embark upon a Quest down memory lane, wherein all the clues will be based on the Indian Republic and The Constitution. So the students need to brush up their knowledge and get ready to be explorers!

Please Note:

  • The bus service will not be available on that day, so you are requested to drop and pick up your ward from school.

  • Snacks will be provided.

  • The timings for the day will be 8:00 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.

Grades I to IV will celebrate Republic Day on Wednesday, 25th January, and they can enjoy the national festival at home on the 26th as there will be no school for them on that day.

Our Best,

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