I am in my first year of senior college. My school has helped me to stay confident, calm and strong in every situation. Also, to always help other people and work hard to accomplish our goals.
Moksh Sanghvi

FYBCom, K.C. College

I am currently preparing for a competitive exam. My journey at The Universal School has been amazing over the years and conceptual based learning has played a key role and all in all it has inculcated great habits of discipline and perseverance!
Shania Shah

FYJC, K.C. College [Science]

I am currently pursuing my law degree. At school I had some of the best teachers that taught me to think critically, something that is imperative for any law student. I was in the science stream which helped me immensely with logic and integral part of the LSATs and every other law exam in India. In my English classes at The Universal School we studied Orwell and Kafka, and we are doing those books again at University.
Zeehan Das

BBA, LLB (Hons) O. P. Jindal University

I’m really thankful to my school and its staff for moulding me into someone whom people can easily talk to. Stepping out of school has made me an extrovert too; being a part of the student council has now made me realise the importance of all the qualities that have been inculcated at school. The journey at school was much better than my college journey as the pandemic has added a barrier to all those fun college days. I’m much more considerate of people’s opinions now but also can withstand their harsh comments and deal with it. My self esteem has increased a lot too.
Dhruvi Shah

SYJC, K. C. College [Science]

I’ve just finished 12th grade from St. Xavier’s College and got admission into Sophia Polytechnic for an undergraduate degree in hospitality, a stream that I’ve always wanted to be a part of. The Universal School quite literally helped me grow as a person. I’m quite sure that I wouldn’t be the way I am currently if it weren’t for the help of the friends and teachers I met and the overall basic environment of the school I was fortunate to be a part of. My school not only enhanced my skills physically and mentally but through the journey I have also gained a certain sense of confidence which has been extremely important for my growth.
Anushka Dutta

FYBSc, Sophia College

Besides my undergraduate degree in Computer Studies, I’m working with Cuddles Foundation as the Head of Technology. The school has taught me a lot of valuable lessons and the warmth of the teachers has helped me become who I am today. School helped me fall in love with IT which helped me to discover my career path.
Krish Poddar

BCS, K.C. College

It has been an extremely enriching journey in the years that I have been a student with The Universal School. At present, I’m preparing for the upcoming state board exam as well as JEE, through online lectures. However, I miss the mentorship of all my teachers and my student life at The Universal School.
Rohan Samajder

SYJC, Pace Junior Science College

The transformation of going from the world of education to the corporate world has been amazing but scary at the same time. However, the individual focus and attention that we have received in school from our teachers have set my educational foundation so firmly that grasping concepts and tackling challenges has become easier.
Shikha Jhaveri

Tax Analyst, Ernst and Young LLP