05 Apr

Dear Parents,

The student council is an excellent platform to groom young leaders. The school’s theme of the year “Entrepreneurship – Dream, Explore, Discover” is meaningful to today’s youth in the generation of startups.

The school gives equal opportunity to its students to contest for a coveted post in the student council. Students of grades 7 to 10 are eligible for the senior student council whereas grades 5 and 6 will get the opportunity to contest elections for the post of primary club prefects as part of the junior student council.

So if you would like your ward to contest for a post in the student council, kindly send them prepared with a speech on the topic that will be assigned to them at school.

Kindly note the schedule for the speeches and interviews:

8 to 10 5 to 704/04/19  05/04/1908/04/19 09/04/1911/04/1911/04/19

Students will be shortlisted on the basis of the Public Speaking and Interview rounds. The students who have been shortlisted will be eligible to stand for elections.

Let us together help and motivate our young learners to become able leaders of tomorrow.