Carpe Diem!

Sports is about seizing opportunity – and running with it. Universal’s sports & PE programme focuses on developing the individual and team. Emphasis is on fun, development of physical skills, nurturing social & emotional skills.

Universal provides sporting opportunities for students of all abilities. Talented students are challenged to reach their full potential. The sporting programme is rich and diverse and includes sports such as Football, Water Sports, Tennis, Equestrian, Basket Ball, a variety of Indoor Sports and virtual sports using Nintendo Wii Sports.img-Sports & PE



  • With PDP Universal has partnered with PDP sports complex, where by professional coaches & fully-compliant equipment not only facilitate the athletic pursuit of children but also train the children to learn and play the games more quickly, efficiently and successfully. Children are ferried to the nearby Priyadarshini Park & Sports Complex (popularly known as PDP) regularly.
  • With TAISI The Association of International School in India. TAISI brings together International School in India and engages them in dialogues, workshops, sports meets and a host of knowledge based activities to share and discuss ideas as well as new approaches to education.
  • With IAYP Award Scheme (Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme) The Award has 3 major categories gold, silver and bronze and presents young people with individual challenge through balanced, non competitive programs of voluntary activities.
  • With SPICMACAY The Society for promotion of Indian classical music and culture. The primary aim is to expose todays young student to the beauty and grace of Indian art and culture and to have every child experience the inspiration and mysticism embodied in Indian and World heritage.