30 Jul

Dear Parents,

The school will be conducting the ‘SOF – Olympiads’. These assessments are conducted to develop a greater competitive spirit and explore students’ potential. The Olympiads will be conducted for General Knowledge (IGKO – 26th September 2019), Science (NSO – 21st November 2019) and Mathematics (IMO – 17th December 2019) across Grades 1 to 10.

We at The Universal School wish that every child should avail of this opportunity. So do encourage your child and register for these tests. 

The fee is Rs. 150/- per subject. 

Practice books for the SOF Olympiad tests are available upon request for an additional payment of Rs 60/- per subject. 

Kindly fill in the consent slip and return the same along with the payment in a sealed and labelled envelope to the school by Friday, 2nd August 2019.