Robotics by the Children’s Technology Workshop

Robotics has always been an integral part of The Universal School and it is a perfect amalgamation of theory, practice, implementation, execution and their proper integration. Learners get engaged with the proper system to get matched up with the taught concept in their respective classes. Universal enquirers strongly develop the incredible skills of collaboration, research, time management, critical thinking and problem-solving. This is one of the best educational approach for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) based careers in the future. Students learn to understand systems at the level of individual components, their interactions and behaviours over time. Students are taught to construct real-world replicas of systems, create solutions for existing problems and collaborate on improving and developing solutions.

In the outcome, the students have a well-rounded knowledge of theory and practical systems; they can translate textbook theoretical principles into practical physical systems. They interact in teams and learn the decision-making process, choose trade-offs and experience the joy of creating a solution to the problem and demonstrate the holistic development.