A home Away from home

Universal’s pre-primary school is a place where children enjoy themselves, make friends, feel secure and love to learn.

Our 4-year pre-primary programme – based on the British National Curriculum’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) -offers the essential foundation and an ideal preparation for progression through the Primary School and beyond. EYFS is a comprehensive framework for learning, development & care of children from birth to five. The goals of our pre-primary programme are:

  • Arousing the curiosity of the child.
  • Make significant discoveries through careful observation, doing, reasoning and most importantly first hand experience.
  • Introducing technology through the iPad.
  • Creating a healthy learning environment by enhancing non-formal learning.
  • Giving greater impetus to child-centred, child-directed activities as opposed to teacher-directed activities.
  • Using teaching-aids like story books, picture books, films, worksheets, activity sheets, puppets, & other AV presentations.