03 Jul

Dear Parent,

As the academic year 2019-20 is in progress, we wish to remind you of the following important rules laid down by our school regarding the discipline and conduct of our students –

 1. All students are expected to attend school in proper uniform and shoes.

 2. Id card is provided to students for safety reasons and it is mandatory for all students to wear it 

     to school as an integral part of the uniform.

3. All girl students with long hair should have their hair neatly tied in two plaits. Only black   

    coloured hair accessories are permitted.

4. All the boys should have neatly cut short hair.

5. Nails should be neatly clipped. Nail paints, mehndi, tattoos are not allowed.

6. Students are not permitted to carry large sums of money, expensive items or irrelevant books 

    etc. to school.

7. Bringing mobile phones to school is strictly not permitted.

8. Students are not allowed to wear digital or smart watches in school. Only analog wrist watches 

    are permitted.

The Universal Code of Conduct states that we will respect property and personal rights, cooperate with and support each other and take responsibility for a safe environment. We are committed to developing positive interpersonal relationships between members of the school community. Bullying and harassment at school, along with other disruptive behaviours towards any member of the school community, is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly. Damaging school property, indiscipline and misbehaviour in school or school transport will lead to strict disciplinary actions.

Please note that the rule that applies in our school in all circumstances is-