Classroom Connections Jr.Kg  – July 2016      

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13 Jul 2016

Jr.Kg  – July 2016      

Theme for the month: Creepy Crawlies

We have witnessed that children get especially excited about insects and bugs because they see them all the time, have played with them or probably have spent time trying to inspect them with a magnifying glass.

Bugs and insects! We use these terms interchangeably, though they are different. Thus the theme – “Creepy Crawlies” will help them to understand the difference between an insect and a bug and their significance.

Your child will be exposed to a plethora of activities, tools and technology to enable him/her to understand the incredible and intricate world of the “Creepy Crawlies”. We shall also engage him/her through a lot of skill building techniques to improve his/her physical, cognitive, motor and communication skills.


Your child will learn the letters ‘Aa’, ‘Tt’, ‘Ii’, ‘Pp’ and ‘Nn’ with their phonic sounds, how to blend and read 3 letter words and tricky words. Your child will also explore rhymes, stories, show and tell activity, picture talks, book browsing and newspaper reading.

Do reinforce the use of tricky words: I, the, my, her and say and do keep reading to them every day and make your home a print rich space


The child will be introduced to numerals, concepts of colour and size.

The Read Aloud Programme:

The Big Book Read Aloud Programme is an endeavour that the school has commenced in the Preprimary section. The Big Books enrich critical thinking and oral language development through modelled reading, through risk-free participation by the children and through the meaningful teaching of skills within context – I See…I Think…..& I Wonder…..These resources are very effective for the interactive read aloud and think aloud sessions that help teach reading strategies to develop comprehension, and emphasize on skills like prediction, visualization, asking questions, making connections and so on.

Dates to Remember:





Sugar Cookie Day

Class Activity.


Green Day

Students to wear green coloured clothes and carry a well labeled green object for the show and tell activity.


Bees & Bugs Day

Students to dress up as an insect and say a few sentences on it.


International Tiger Day

Children to get any information about the tiger.



Circular to follow

A hard copy of the Rhymes for the month will be given to your child in class.

At Home You Can:

Support your child's learning by browsing nature magazines, books, encyclopedias or the internet for pictures of different insects. As this theme is very exciting for children, they will remain interested, excited and enthused if you continue to provide good content.

Links that can help you in your venture include:

Learn about insects

What is an insect?

Bugs and insects

Looking forward to an exciting month of exploration and learning.


Our Best,


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