Classroom Connections Playgroup-June & July 2016       

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28 Jun 2016

Playgroup-June & July 2016       

Dear Parents,

In order to ensure holistic development of the child, it is essential that the school and parents continuously collaborate with each other. Therefore, we invite you to take a peek into the educational world of your child.

Once you are aware of your child’s learning schedule, you can assist and monitor your child’s overall development through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Every month, we shall offer a new theme that introduces your child to different aspects of one’s environment. Various concepts in language, math, art and craft will be taught each month via a variety of engaging activities. Ipod applications and audio visuals will strengthen the learning of each concept.

A Sneak Peek:

Theme for the month: Fun with Myself

As young children are enthusiastic learners, one of the subjects they enjoy the most is learning about themselves. Thus the theme, ‘Fun with myself’ will address skills and concepts that are important in growing up such as, recognizing themselves and learning their names, their emotions, personal hygiene etc.


The child will be introduced to the English language through various activities like show and tell, book browsing, picture vocabulary, using golden words in our day to day life, rhymes and reading stories.

By reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning.


The child will be introduced to numerals, concepts of colour and size.

Dates to Remember:





Portfolio Activity

Students to bring one 4”x6”portrait photo of themselves and 4 passport size photographs


Yellow Day

Students to wear yellow coloured clothes and carry a well labelled yellow object for the Show and Tell activity.


Eid-ul-fitr Celebration

Students to come dressed in traditional attire


A hard copy of the Rhymes for the month will be given to your child in class.

At Home You Can:

Inculcate good habits in self-hygiene, help your child to celebrate the individuality and learn about their likes and dislikes. You could take the child to parks and other open spaces; spend leisure time with your child by reading books and thus developing a bond with him/her.

Looking forward to an exciting month of exploration and learning.


Our Best,

Authorised Personnel


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