NURSERY – August  2016    

Theme for the month:Animal Kingdom

Learning about the animal kingdom is quite exciting for children, especially preschoolers, as animals have certain qualities that make them mysterious and exciting to children- e.g. they have special abilities like flying, digging and climbing, which children often fantasize about.

Thus the theme, ‘Animal Kingdom’ will provide an opportunity for our young ones to learn more about their forest friends and how these animals live in harmony with nature and make wilderness their home. The children will also learn about their food habits, family, physical features and their characteristics. They will be able to distinguish various animals based on their habitat, food and surroundings.

Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, technology and Role plays will be the methodology.


Vocabulary will be enhanced through the introduction of letters ‘Gg’, ‘Hh’, ‘Ii’, and sight words related to the theme. Along with these various activities like show and tell, picture talk, rhymes and stories will be done on a regular basis.


The child will be exposed to numerals and concept of colours and shapes.

Dates to Remember:






Ice-cream Sandwich Day

Class activity


Independence Day

Students to wear clothes that depicit the tricolor


Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Class activity.


Janmashtmi Celebration

Students to come dressed in traditional wear.


Red Day

Students to wear red coloured clothes and bring a well labeled red object for the show and tell activity.

A hard copy of the Rhymes for the month will be given to your child in class.

At Home You Can:

Support your child’s learning by browsing nature magazines, books, encyclopedias, or the internet for pictures of different animals. A visit to the zoo/wildlife sanctuaries is also recommended.

Web resource links that can help you in your venture include

Learn all about animalsl

Let's go to the zoo

As this month is full of festival celebrations you could discuss the importance of each festival. Children will be exposed to the significance of each festival in an age appropriate manner in school.

Looking forward to an eventful month of learning and celebrations.

Our Best,

Authorized personnel