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8 Feb 2017

Jr. Kg – February 2017

Theme for the month: Fun with Transport

The joy of life lies in “Exploring the world” and what better way to do that than by learning about various modes of transport.

This theme will teach your child not only about the different modes of transport such as automobiles, trains and airplanes but also about their utility and the safety measures that we should adopt as responsible citizens.

Effective usage of Audio Visual Learning, hands on experiences, technology and Role plays will be the methodology used.


Your child will learn to write letters Aa- Zz independently.

There will be recapitulation of all sounds done and 3 letter words. Do reinforce the use of tricky words. Your child will also learn through rhymes, stories, show and tell activities, picture talks, book browsing, and newspaper reading activities. They will also learn to read short sentences.


Reinforcement of numerals, concepts of colour, shape and size will be done.

Dates to Remember:

Date Activity / Event Particulars
8.2.2017 Bird Feeding Day Detailed circular to follow.
9.2.2017 Car Activity Students to bring a labeled empty match box covered with white paper.
13.2.2017 World Radio Day Class activity.
16.3.2017 Field trip to Traffic Park Detailed circular to follow.
20.2.2017 Pink & Purple Day Girls to wear pink coloured clothes and carry a well labeled pink coloured object for the Show and Tell activity, Boys to wear purple  coloured clothes and carry a well labeled purple coloured object for the Show and Tell activity.
23.2.2017 Tortilla Chip Day Class activity.
28.2.2017 National Science Day Experiments to be done in class.
3.3.2017 Transport Day Students to bring a well labelled toy vehicle (road, rail, water or air transport) and speak 2-3 sentences on the same for the Show and Tell activity.

A hard copy of the Rhymes for the month will be given to your child in class.

At Home You Can:

Explore books related to the theme. By reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning. Do make your child share his/ her reflections of the stories read. This will develop thinking, reasoning as well as aid in confidence building. Please encourage your child for every effort made – he/she will do better in a motivating and positive environment.

Talk to your child about the importance of pollution control by opting for car pool or using public modes of transport as and when possible. Set an example for your child by switching off the ignition when stopping at signals and by following traffic rules and explaining to them the objective of the same.

Web resource links that can help you in your venture include:

Road Safety

Water Transport

Air Transport


Looking forward to an eventful month of learning and celebrations

Our Best,

Authorised Personnel

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