An environment geared towards learning and growing

Schools are special environments that exist for the purpose of teaching and learning. But, for effective learning to take place, it is essential that the right educational environment is created. Schools with unappealing surroundings are likely to experience a rising number of complaints about environmental quality and health. This will inevitably be combined with a decreasing interest in either teaching or learning.

In keeping with our focus of being a high performance school, great care has been taken to ensure our infrastructure provides for comfort, stress reduction and cooling to a consistent temperature.


The Universal School building is a new purpose-built post-modern structure with state-of-the-art facilities. It is fully-airconditioned and sports extra-wide corridors, extra-high ceilings, safe carpeted staircases and safe automatic sliding doors. There are separate toilets for boys and girls on each floor. Filtered water is dispensed through imported Elkay-branded water fountains. Your children spend 8 hours everyday in the school (from 8am to 4pm), so we’ve taken great care to ensure every classroom in school as well as other enclosed spaces are air-conditioned to ensure that children learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Building maintenance is outsourced to a facilities management service of repute.

Carpeted Spaces

Universal is among the very few schools in India to deploy carpets from corner to corner. We have specially laid out Desso branded carpets purpose-made for schools. The benefits of carpets in a school are:

  • Improved indoor air quality by emitting minimal levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Less slippery then hard surfaces and more forgiving in the event of a fall – especially for young children
  • Absorb light, reduce glare and soak up noise – making a vital environment contribution to educational performance.
  • Reduce asthmatic reactions and related symptoms.
  • Provide a comfortable surface upon which learners can sit – and spread out, reflect, exchange information, & ideas.
  • Carpet colours & patterns are designed to be aesthetically pleasing & inviting ensuring that learners want to be there.

Taken together, Universal’s decision to carpet the school boasts environmental benefits which play a significant role in attracting learners and teachers, and in creating a productive learning environment.