05 Apr

Dear Parents,

Higher Order Thinking Skills, better known as HOTS, is a concept of education based on learning taxonomies. The brain requires certain impetus to adapt itself to creative thinking and problem solving using HOTS. With this objective, we shall be uploading a few worksheets on the Students’ Intrasite that we have named as Brain Gym Worksheets on every Friday / last working day of the week for mental exercise of our students. The content of these worksheets are not specific to any subject or curriculum and will not be evaluated as a component of any assessment. They are meant to encourage our students to think out of the box. We will upload the answers to these worksheets on the following Monday / first working day of the week.

We are sure that this initiative of the school will provide the much-needed stimulation to the ever-active brains of our learners and will engage them constructively. This honest weekly practice will build in our learners the much-needed SKILLS such as:

1. Investigative Skills

2. Analytical Skills

3. Predictive Skills

4. Cognitive Skills

5. Critical Thinking Skills

6. Problem Solving Skills

7. Decision Making Skills

Very soon they will begin to enjoy solving them and look forward to receiving them on the last working day of every week.

As it is an individual self-assessment activity, kindly ensure that your child solves the worksheets independently to the best of her/his ability.

Together in the cause of quality education.