11 Apr

Dear Parents,

A craft activity is an excellent platform for the students to develop and display their creativity. ‘Beauty From Trash’ – a best out of waste competition will be held in school on Tuesday, 16th April 2019. The students have to make a useful item from the list of waste or recycled articles given below:

Grade 1 – Boxes (Eg. shoebox, soapbox, toothpaste box, etc…)

Grade 2- Chocolate/candy wrappers or wafer packets.

Grade 3.- Old newspapers.

Grade 4 – Twigs / branches / leaves

Grade 5 – Old toys

Grade 6 – Used / old T Shirts

Grade 7 – Worn out Socks

Grade 8 – Denim jeans / jackets

Time limit – 1 hour

Judging Criteria: Usefulness, Creativity, Neatness and Overall presentation

Use of colours and additional decoration is permitted. All materials should be carried from home.