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Grand Parents Day

English movies that will inspire your teenager

For the teenagers of today, social, digital and entertainment media are slowly becoming absolute essentials. The parents are all concerned about the effect that this exposure will have on their child and their development.

But we can also use this technology to inspire them and teach them lessons about life. One excellent medium to teach the youth about the important things is movies. Watching movies not only takes the edge of what is a very hectic life for any teenager, it also gives you a chance to bond with your teenager.

Here is a list of movies you can watch with your teenager: Click Here

Parenting Tips

Parenting plays an integral role in the development of a child.  Research has revealed that correct parenting influences social, cognitive and psychological growth which affects children both in childhood years and as an adult. Here are some parenting tips which will help in forging a great bond with your children.

Be an Example for your own kids. Your children will become who you are; so be who you want them to be.

Put yourself in their Shoes. If you feel irritated by your child’s behavior, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Haven’t you too as a child, also acted in the similar manner sometimes?

Give Attention. When spending quality time with your kids, avoid getting distracted by other things such as Read More

Family Meal

Gone are the days when the family meal was an everyday ritual – the symbol of shared family life. Lack of time, work demands, busy social lives, scheduled activities of the children and moreover increased opportunities for eating away from home are among the factors militating against the practice of family meals.

Family life often comes with a busy schedule. It isn’t always easy to put a meal on the table and get the whole family to sit down together to enjoy it; but Read More



In our society, we are surrounded by differences in ethnicity, religion, culture, gender, disabilities and many more. We love to be surrounded by a multicultural society and this mostly depends on our own exposure and attitudes towards our interaction with different people.

We all want our kids to feel relaxed and open to learning from different cultures – new ideas and Read More

Good Study Habits

We all know that good study habits are essential to educational success. We probably can diminish academic dishonesty by promoting good study habits among students, and letting the students know that how very important is it to inculcate good study habits.

The key to grooming an effective and sincere student is guiding them to study smarter. An hour or two of studying a day is usually sufficient to make it through school with good grades.


Some guidelines for helping your child to study smart and achieve success. Read More

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