Apple School

The Universal School is an all Apple school that believes in using technology to create powerful learning experiences for students. The school leaders, staff and the parent community have a clear vision of how this technology-rich environment will support the student learning goals. They use the iPad and MacBook to inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

iPads & MacBooks in school

In our Early Years up to Grade 2, students have access to iPads that are issued as per their lesson plan requirements in preplanned slots under the supervision of teachers. Students learn to create a variety of content with age-appropriate tools and apps. Starting from Grade 3, students use iPads as well as MacBooks for their learning.

A lot of course content for these grades is delivered via the devices, including textbooks, subject-specific content, videos and other resources. Students complete certain assignments on their iPad, research and create projects, including movies, interactive books and webpages as a part of their course work.

Students also learn to ‘Code’ through the ‘Scratch’ programming language right from the early years.

Apple TVs in Classrooms

All Classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs that stream educational content on the screen from the teacher’s or student’s iPad for teaching, learning and showcasing presentations.