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Every school caters to three kinds of students: the high-achievers, the average children and the underachievers, as far as academics go. Most schools find it challenging to reach out to every child for various reasons. However, our school is making an honest effort towards this goal.

“A compassionate approach, coupled with acceptance of the child’s abilities, infuses energy and drive into this task for all concerned.”

Ms. Zarin Virji

Target setting is a critical practice that we follow at school: every student from Grade 6 onwards sets a realistic goal for herself or himself before every examination. After the examination is over, the teacher and the child reflect on the target set versus the target achieved. In daily assemblies, we celebrate those who have met or exceeded their targets. Through this process, the child takes on the responsibility for one’s own performance, and the teacher gets an insight into the child’s strivings. Besides, every child is offered extra classes after school for their inadequacies in one or more subjects.

Most high achievers excel due to their innate capabilities as well as a supportive home environment. Our school engages the high achiever almost as a ‘teaching assistant’ who can devise quizzes, write articles, make movies and do whatever else so that the learner remains alert and happy to try out new things. While we give credit to the student for his/her prowess of subject knowledge, we keep the child grounded without treating him/her as the star of the class, to the exclusion of the other students.

The average child needs to be respected for his or her ordinariness, and often these children are well balanced and relatively free of the anxieties that may be experienced by the other two groups. At the same time, a little nudge and push work wonder to propel such child towards excellence.

The underachiever is one who is often criticised by parents, peers as well as teachers. At Universal, we make a thorough investigation of the reason for the child’s failings. Then our team comprising of a counsellor, special educator and mentor-teacher work out a strategy to take the child forward. A compassionate approach, coupled with acceptance of the child’s abilities, infuses energy and drive into this task for all concerned.

“In no way, I am saying that academics is our only focus. The wide range of activities from dance to robotics offer every child something to aspire towards and something to smile about. For co-curricular pursuits, year after year, we bring different children into the limelight so that each one gets an exposure to the performing arts.

In this manner, we work together to ensure that every child studying at Universal becomes responsible and reflective as well as confident and caring.”

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