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How your child learns at Universal

Other "international" schools

  • Learners research, explore & discover with teachers as their resource & guide.
  • Textbooks & teachers are the only source & repository of information.
  • Learners compete with their own self. Teachers facilitate the realization of the learner's full potential.
  • Students compete against each other. Grades are the be-all and end-all.
  • Accomplished specialists like Shiamak Davar's SDIPA (dance), Raell Padamsee's ACE (drama), Furtados School of Music, etc. – armed with years of experience, structured multi-year curricula& a deep talent pool – provide wholesome development to the learner.
  • Activities are provided for ornamental value through unaccomplished "extra-curricular teachers" who conduct "music classes, etc." as per their own whims & without any connection to the rest of the curriculum.
  • Universal is one of the world's most technologically-advanced school where technology is a way of life. Learners pursue their academic pursuits & digital arts on their own Apple computers & eBooks, while trained staff facilitate seamless exploration & experiential learning. Technology is a key enabler to the whole school.
  • Technology still includes the traditional parade of gadgetry -"computer labs", "smart class", "LCD projectors", etc. Students still take "computer lessons", while all staff know of technology is "PPTs".
  • Learners develop goal-setting and self-evaluation skills.
  • Students' errors are pointed out by teachers
  • Learners undergo a deeply-researched, solidly-planned & robustly-executed learning programme (called REAL) built over 4 decades of  experience running over a dozen institutions.
  • Students are subject to readymade copy-pasted “programmes" put together by first-time educators who learn on a trial-and-error basis & take years before settling down.

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