img-performing artsLearning at Universal is fun; it is about spirited laughter, genuine smiles & curious minds. Thanks to our dynamic curriculum, a rich co-curricular programme & resilience-building student care programme – learning at Universal extends well beyond the classroom. At Universal, no two days are ever same – nor are two learners’ experiences exactly identical.

Collaboration with Shiamak Davar's Dance Education (SDE)

Universal has introduced the SDE – a specially developed programme for school children and taught by highly qualified, skilled and trained SDIPA instructors. SDE’s objective is to offer learners an opportunity to learn dance with special focus on styles and techniques. By making dance a part of the learners’ core school activity, Universal enriches their lives by introducing them to a fun and creative way to have a strong body, an active mind, and a resilient spirit.

The programme draws from Jazz techniques, Ballet exercises, Indian dance forms, Yoga, Physical Training Disciplines, Dance Therapy activities and the Theatre Arts to offer students an outlet for personal growth and creative expression.

Dance is a therapeutic activity, since it enables a direct expression of emotions and thoughts that learners may not be able to otherwise express. Although the most important essence of dance is creative expression and fun, the dance class is structured to improve the following: Fitness levels, Confidence, Concentration, Discipline, Posture, Body Awareness, Attitude, Appetite, Memory, Will Power, Communication Skills, Team-spirit, Creativity and thus, all round development [/learn_more]

Collaboration with Raell Padamsee's Academy of Creative Expression

Universal’s partnership with ACE allows younger learners to benefit from ACE’s comprehensive round-the-year programmes like The Little Actors Club, Reach for the Stars, Speech & Drama, Music & Movement, Crafty Art, Fitness Fun, Jumpin, HipHop, ActiveFun & ArtStory. The objectives of the programme are to improve the following: Communication Skills, Team-spirit, Self-confidence, Critical skills & Fun – by providing individual attention in a non-stressed, non-competitive atmosphere.

For older learners, we offer not just an acquaintance with the various aspects of theatre – from theory to play-writing to criticism to acting to management – but also an opportunity to effectively analyze, critique and create. Universal’s theatrical arts programme offers secondary learners with a diverse range of opportunities to express their creativity – both on and off stage – including costumes, acting, sound design, props & make-up. Truly, Universal is a place for nurturing self-expression and building confidence.[/learn_more]

Furtados School of Music

Music as you know is an integral part to a child’s cognitive, / emotional as well as physical development. That’s the reason why all schools have a Music program. At Universal school Tardeo we have a tie up with the Furtados School of Music. We offer an exciting combination of world class infrastructure, / innovative technology, / proven pedagogy and traditional music educational methods. The program provides every age group / a unique opportunity / not only to appreciate, / understand and analyse / but also to experiment and recreate music.