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Comprehensive School Health Programme (CSHP)

Universal has tied up with Cheers School Health. to a CSHP that envisages all-round screening of children by qualified experienced professionals. The programme – titled Sunshine School Health – is comprised of Pediatric, Vision, Dental, Hearing, Dyslexia, Speech & Language, Nutrition and Mental Health screening. CSHP is conducted under the leadership of Dr. Nihar Parekh, MD (Ped), and guidance of an illustrious board of programme directors comprised of the following luminaries:

  • Pediatrics: Dr. Pankaj Parekh, MD (Ped), DCH (BOM)
  • Pediatric Ophthalmologist: Dr. Deepak Gar, DNB, Peds Ophthal Fellowship
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Harsh Vyas, MDS
  • Mental Health: Dr. Shefali Batra, MBBS, DPM, MD (Psy)
  • Audiology: Mr. Bhavin Shah, BASLP
  • Nutrition: Ms. Ekta Vora, BHSc (Nutrition), PG (Dietetics), RD
  • Speech & Language: Ms. Nehal Kothari, BASLP, MA (USA), CCC-SLP (USA)

All screening processes – authenticated and authorized by the IAP (Indian academy of pediatrics) and adapted from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) – will take place using fully-compliant equipment & qualified professional personnel in form of (a) Health checks (b) Educational talks / health talks and (c) Assessment by forms/checklists filled by students/teachers/parents. No screenings or information dispatch will be done without individual parental consent.



Yoga is now ubiquitously recognised as a personal development system and a great promoter of physical stamina, emotional stability and concentration power while enhancing intellectual & creative talents.

Universal has a unique and structured programme for Yoga that makes Yoga contemporary & kid-friendly.


Exercises and Play

Play – and structured play, at that – is a very important element of early childhood development. In collaboration with Banoo Jasubhoy, Universal has introduced her much-acclaimed Fit tot programme – which helps develop a child’s physical skills (agility, balance, co-ordination, etc.), mental skills (concentration, stress-relief, etc.) and social skills (picked up during group play). Fit tot sports many active guided programmes using specialised colourful equipment like climbing frames, bean bags, hoola hoops, space hoppers, lumi sticks, balance beams, etc. for strength exercises and motor skills development.

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