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Student achievement starts with nutrition

Learner success depends upon so many conditions. Good nutrition is essential in preparing children to learn, especially in a day-boarding setting like ours.

img-Food ServiceChildren are more likely to succeed when they are well fed, healthy and comfortable. Teachers can freely focus on delivering high quality education when they know that their students have had proper nutrition, hygienic facilities, and warm support.

Universal’s food services are outsourced to a reputed caterer. The salient features of Universal’s food services are as follows.

  • All eatables are hygienically cooked using best ingredients to ensure wholesome nutritious and tasty meals.
  • Universal ensures learners’ eatables are kid-tested after being prepared by chefs who have years of experience in delighting palates with delicious & healthy menu choices.
  • In keeping with our dedication of fighting childhood obesity, we hire more professional dietitians than any other school in Mumbai to ensure preparation of fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals for our learners.
  • All meals are vegetarian and served by uniformed staff in hygienic conditions under the supervision of teaching and administrative staff.

At Universal, we don’t serve food as a chore – we work with our dietitians and caterers to intricately master all aspects of school food service – from calorie-care to packing, from food labels to portion sizes and from quality ingredients to safe cutlery.

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