Universal views comfortable learner seating as an investment – not an expense. Comfortable furniture leads to engaged students. A recent study conducted at Georgetown University showed a 10.9% increase in standardized achievement scores when learning environments went from “poor” to “excellent”.

All classrooms are spacious with ample space for the learners and teacher to move around. Soft boards located on either side of the classroom showcase student projects. Individual secure lockers outside the classroom allow learners to store their personal items.

Classroom - REPCognizant of the fact that better comfort results in improved student concentration, Universal has imported high-quality KI-branded furniture specially from the US. Salient features of learner seating at Universal are:

  • Ingenious comfort, ergonomics & functionality for enhanced concentration – designed to provide support and still “give” in just the right places.
  • Flexing back provides exceptional comfort and permits a certain degree of movement that results in better attentiveness and learning retention.
  • Fresh aesthetics that complement the classroom’s learning environment.
  • Open leg room for easier access and better comfort.
  • Similar design from primary through secondary in multiple sizes make seating familiar learning tools as learners progress from grade to grade.

Idea Paint

There are no limits to the amount of information the mind can hold. But when a class is confined to the space of a blackboard or typical whiteboard, learners and teachers are limited to how much can be shared.

Universal is the first school in Asia to use IdeaPaint – an innovative new material that turns anything that can be painted on – into a high-performance dry-erase surface, giving learners and teachers the space they need to collaborate, interact and discover new ways of learning.

Chalk dust consists of tiny particles that are easily breathed in and scattered across the classroom. IdeaPaint helps protect learners from allergies and asthma.

IdeaPaint also helps Universal save paper and contribute to a greener learning environment – it is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. Environment Protection Regulations and does not produce any harmful gas.

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